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Postcode map
A postcode map

Map Analysis Limited can help you with anything related to data and maps

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Everything and everyone has to be somewhere and knowing where enables you to be more effective in planning, using resources, investing in new sites, and learning more about your client base.

We can supply postcode maps, drive time analysis and mapping, analysis of flows of clients and/or stock through to analysis of labour markets, socio economic data and educational data.


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WHAT we do:

The company presents information about people:
We can also supply a wide range of commercial datasets. Alongside business analysis we are specialist educational analysis and have completed many research projects within the public sector. See our case studies to look at past projects.

Open street map

An example using open street map

HOW we do this:

To do this we have managed a long standing access to government data and are expert users of leading software including SPSS, MapInfo, Manifold and GeoConcept. We also develop bespoke visualisation solutions to provide platform independent spatial solutions.

WHY we do this:

These analyses meet the statutory needs for population studies but also improve planning efficiency. For example, the decisions to create or remove service providers by investigating supply and demand.